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The Ohmanns

And Browns, and Caros, and Schultzs....

We got together with this crazy bunch again this year for a big group family photo.  

Since we had everyone all together in one place, we also made sure to get every combination that     Jo Ann (Ben's mom) wanted of all her kids and grandkids. Here are our favorite group shots!

We also did a few separate family shots, because when your brother/son is a photographer and everyone is all together you have to take advantage of the moment. ;)

Here are the two crazy kids who started it all, the Ohmanns, David & Jo Ann.

Here are our favorite shots of the Brown family, David, Jacob, Zachary, and Abbey!

We did a seperate session earlier in the day (see our previous blog) with the Brown/Schultz family, here are some of our favorite shots of Chris, Sarah, Aiden and Logan! 

And here we have this cute couple, the Caros, Dustin & Lisa! 

We did our own family photos the previous day to save ourselves some times on this day, so here are some of our favorite shots of the other Ohmanns, Ben, Jenny & Zenavieve :)

We love this awesome family, and we hope you love all our photos!