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Holland's Newborn Session

Who doesn't love babies?! We got to play with a brand new one during our session with an adorable little lady recently and we sure loved it!

When doing a newborn shoot, everyone's favorite poses are usually the sleeping baby ones. So we recommend to all of our clients to try to keep the baby awake beforehand if possible, and to try to make sure they have a full tummy, so when we are ready for them hopefully they are nice and asleep.

However, anyone who has children or has ever worked with children knows that you can plan till you are blue in the face but that doesn't mean those little ones are going to do what you want them to or give a care to all your careful planning. :)

Like this little lady, who was wide awake and alert for most of our session, but it's okay because just look at those big beautiful eyes!

Luckily, during this session we also had a cute big brother to work with, so while mom was busy feeding and rocking the star of the show to sleep, we had a little fun with big brother Raiden.

All in all, there were smiles, there was laughter, there was poop, there was puke, and we even had a melted light stand, but most of all there was love and love is what makes every session great!

Here are a few of our favorite shots from the day.