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Astrophotography Experimentation

I've always loved astrophotography, but have only had a handful of opportunities to try it out (when it was convenient, I know I know, I need to just get out there).

Recently, I had an opportunity to capture some beautiful stars. Here is one of my shots.

The shot below consists of 121, 30 second exposures, (for anyone interested in the more technical side, I shot at f8 with an ISO of 400 at 24mm on a Canon 7D Mark II with a 24-105 f4 L lens). That means I shot 1 photo for 30 seconds at a time, over the course of about an hour. 

After playing around with many different editing choices, I tried using a program called StarStaX to put them together. I also tried used a Photoshop action I found online. Both produced the same result, (basically stacking them all on top of each other to make one photo).

I completely spaced the fact that I needed to illuminate my foreground (as I was also socializing around the campfire at the time), but it worked out because my father-in-law Bruce just happened to turn on his truck on at one point which helped with that (thanks Bruce!).

This video is all 121 shots put in motion, showing how far the stars move in about an hour. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and as much as I enjoyed creating them. I learned a lot and hope to apply that knowledge the next time I (actively) head out to capture our galaxy.