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Super Blue Blood Moon

About a week ago we decided to get up really, really, REALLY, early and go capture the Super Blue Blood Moon.

This is a total lunar eclipse, a super-moon, and a blue moon. All three have not occurred together since 1866 and the next occurrence is not expected until 2037. 

So we all got up really early, found ourselves a viewpoint and settled in to watch the moon.

As you can see Zenavieve was very excited!

Because you can't ever count on the weather, the moon was mostly covered in clouds for the totality of the eclipse, but we were still able to get some awesome shots and it was VERY cool to see. Here is a composite of some of the phases of the moon during the morning.

It was an amazing opportunity to see something that doesn't happen very often, so we stayed and watched the moon until it disappeared behind this hill.

All in all it was a great morning as a family, we learned a lot, and we got some great pictures. We hope you love them as well!

Goodnight moon!

Super-Blue-Blood-Moon Gif.gif