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Zenavieve's 6th Birthday Session

Our favorite little princess is about to turn 6 in just a few short days.

We can’t believe it either!

Zenavieve decided she wanted to have a Shimmer & Shine themed birthday party this year. So we decided it would be fun to do something a little different and send out video invitations this year instead of paper invitations.

We wrote and practiced some lines, set up the green screen in our living room, got Zenna all genie-fied, and started shooting. Here are some behind the scenes shots of our video shoot.

To watch the finished version (edited to not include our personal information) click below!

As for her birthday photo shoot, we have always wanted to do a shoot with those giant balloons we’ve seen before, so we decided to get some this year. They are a lot bigger than we realized however, and three of them almost didn’t even fit in our SUV. Thank goodness we didn’t get more. :)

Here are some of our favorite shots from Zenna’s birthday shoot this year.

We sure love this little nugget and can’t believe how fast she is growing! We hope you enjoy the video and pictures almost as much as we do!

Happy Birthday Zenavieve!!