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Inland Northwest Rail Museum

It was Ben's birthday and Father's Day weekend so we decided it was the perfect time for another Ohmann Family Adventure! This time we headed off to Douglas County but along the way in Reardan, Washington we happened upon a train museum. We took so many pictures here that we decided it needed it's own blog for you to look through all the cool things they have to offer and maybe even go check it out for youselves!

What first caught our eye was a really cool train engine on the side, so we decided to go look at it. Once we got closer we realized it was a museum so we decided to go take a look. It was $10 per person (5 and under was free) to go through two restored cars inside and 4 cars outside that you can walk through and learn about.

The Dining Car was built in 1914 by the Pullman Co. as a Harriman Std. Full Service Diner, which changed in the 1940's to a lunch counter until 1986.

The street car was the last Spokane Street car.

Car 140 was built built in 1906 for the Washington Water Power Co. Trolley lines of Spokane. After the 1922 merger of NWP Co. and the Spokane Tractor Co. The car ran as Spokane United Railway's #140 until trolley operations stopped in 1936. The car was used as a diner for a bit then donated to the historical society in 1979.

After looking through the two cars inside we heard the "ALL ABOARD!" for the train ride included in our admission.

After our train ride we went through the other train cars they had available outside. One of those trains was the "American Scene".

The American Scene was a Union Pacific sleeping car built in 1941 by the Pullman Company, with four double bedrooms, six roomettes, and six pullman sections. It was donated by Union Pacific in 1987.

Back inside they had a few other neat things to check out.

We probably could have spent a lot more time here looking at things, but we were already late in the day and wanted to get to as many of our planned stops as we could so we got back on the road. This place was super neat to check out though and we hope you all go see it on your own, but until then we hope you enjoy our photos.