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Mt. Spokane Adventure

This was one of those days we just needed to get out of the house and do something. So we headed for the hills! Mt. Spokane is pretty close to home so we decided to go walk around up there and explore. We'd been there before, Ben even used to work up there for ski season way back when we were young, but this time it was an adventure! So we hopped in the car and headed to the top of the mountain.

At the very top of Mt. Spokane is the Vista House: 

The Vista House was constructed in 1933 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as “an excellent example of the naturalistic design principles that the CCC inherited from the National Park Service” in which “stone and timber structures were meant to emerge from their surroundings as if they were expressions of the site”.
The Vista House was renovated by the State Park in 2002.  The lodge was completely renovated in 2002 and opened to the public.  It is constructed of native granite stone and timber framing.  The great stone fireplace is the center of the structure, beckoning visitors to enjoy a warm drink and put their feet up in front of the fire.

At the bottom of the vista house is one of the ski chairs so we wandered around there for a minute and Zenna practiced her handstands. Then we went and checked out the South Overlook where they have view finders set up to see several different lake filled valleys around our area. 

Zenna was too short to look through the viewfinders, so she found her own way to get up there. ( I know it looks like Ben isn't helping her, and just walks away lol but as you can see she didn't need help and what you don't hear is she wants to do everything on her own.) 

There was also some cool looking towers, and we even found some snow... All in all it was another great Ohmann family adventure! 

Steptoe/Elberton Adventure

Our first adventure for the year was to Steptoe Butte and the Ghost town of Elberton, Washington. We posted this already on our photography blog. We decided however, that since these adventures don't really have anything to do with our business that we'd start a separate blog just for them. Unless you would like to purchase a photo that you see in any of our blogs then of course we would be more than happy to make that happen for you! :)

So to avoid having to write another blog about the same adventure, but to still include this adventure in our adventure blog, please just follow the link below!


This is a story all about how our blog got flipped, turned upside down....

Wait... wait...wait... that's not right....

I feel like I've seen this before...

Turns our it's harder to put videos in blogs on other sites than we thought, so instead of having a blog on a totally different website than the one we already have for our photos, I think we'll just stick with this one. :) 

This is the story of The Ohmanns!! We've decided adventuring is our new favorite pastime! We've gone to a few abandoned places and other adventures now so we thought we'd start a spot to share all those adventures with you! So stay tuned to see where life takes us next!